Welcome to the History of UK carparks

The usual parking lot is paved with asphalt. Some are paved with concrete. Many are gravel lots. A few of the newer lots are surfaced with permeable paving materials. Many carparks in the UK are owned or controlled by NCP Car Parks and Airport Parking and UK Car Parks.

Parking lots have their own special type of engineering. While parking lots have traditionally been an overlooked element of development projects by governmental oversight, the recent trend has been to provide regulations for the configuration and spacing of parking lots, their landscaping, and drainage and pollution abatement issues.



Parking lots can be small, with just parking spaces gold bars for a few vehicles, very large with spaces for thousands of vehicles, or any size in between. Small parking lots are usually near buildings for small businesses or a few apartments, although many other locations are possible. Car parks can be very dangerous places and as such require insurance against Accident Claims and many organisations such offer theft insurance, Insurance Information Institute: Auto Theft and Aviva. Larger parking lots can be for larger businesses or those with many customers, institutions such as schools, churches, offices, or hospitals, museums or other tourist attractions, rest areas, strip malls, or larger apartment buildings.

Some such businesses, institutions,

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Often several businesses, offices, apartment buildings, or other institutions may use one or more parking lots in common for their convenience.

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